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       Suzhou Jufeng Electrical Insulation System Co., Ltd .,Founded in 1995, mainly engages in the production of insulating resins (paints), mica products, anticorona materials, soft composite materials, electromagnetic wires,motors coils, insulating papers and so on. Jufeng Company covers an area of over 300,000 square meters, With nearly one thousand customers.Its businesses are ubiquitous in every corner of motor filed,from micro-motor,fractional motor,small and medium electrical machine and large generator units,involving fire power,hydro power,nuclear power,wind power,aerospace,high-speed traction,explosion-proof,military project,and transformer filed and so on.

       Honored with vice chairman unit of in insulating materials industry ,state high-tech enterprise, Jufeng  Company has a R&D group,consisted of specialists enjoying government subsidies of the State Council,also established nationally ...

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